General District Info

The Saratoga Fire Protection District was organized on February 18, 1924 and operates under the provisions of Part 2.7 of Division 12 of the Health and Safety Code (Sections 13801 through 13999).  The District has been reorganized several times; the reorganization in 1962 was in accord with Health and Safety Code Sections 140001 through 14306.  The District is an independent special district.  To learn more about independent special districts, click here.

The District provides fire protection services to approximately 12.5 square miles encompassing one-half of the City of Saratoga and sections of the unincorporated areas to the south.  Approximately 14,500 people reside within the District’s service area.

In July 2008, the District began a contract for fire prevention services with Santa Clara County Fire Department (also known as Central Fire).  Under the contract, all District safety employees became Santa Clara County personnel.  Currently, the only District employee is a part-time business manager.  The District owns the fire station at 14380 Saratoga Avenue.